How we work


Once you have decided on the type of staff you require, you can fill out a Client registration form online or call the office to speak to a highly trained consultant. After the details have been obtained we will send you our Terms Of Business which you can sign and return via email or post.


We will then contact any suitable candidates that are already registered with Bambino and Butler, as well as advertising the position to enable us to register any potential candidates that match your requirements.


Candidate CVs will be emailed to you along with a summary of their experience and a photo. We will also send a detailed description of our feedback upon meeting with them.


You then choose which candidates you would like to interview. We personally recommend an initial telephone interview so that you can decide who you would like to meet in person as this saves time on both sides. Face to face interviews can be at your home or in a mutual place. We are able to offer interview questions or tips if you would like any assistance.


You may wish to offer a candidate the position after a couple of interviews or schedule a trial. We usually recommend UK trials are 1 – 2 days and Overseas one week. Verbal references can also be obtained upon request.


Offering to a candidate. Offers should be through Bambino and Butler who can help both sides discuss contracts and iron out the small details. We offer sample contracts however as an introductory agency, we do not write the contracts on behalf of families.


Follow up. We will always follow up with our candidates and clients within a week of the role commencing. Communication Is the key to a successful placement and bond within the household.

Bambino and Butler