Featured Candidates

Here is a selection of featured available candidates for nanny and private domestic staff jobs.

Chief Stewardess available for Rotational or Temporary Yacht roles

IL is now available after leaving her role as Chief Stewardess due to the Yacht changing hands. Coming with over 10 years’ experience, proven longevity and excellent references, she is…
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British Nanny available for Temporary/ Rota Positions

BC is a very experienced British Nanny with Overseas experience including Geneva, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Bulgaria. She started her career working in a Montessori Nursery before starting her…
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Bilingual Dutch/English speaking Nanny based in London

FC is a Bilingual Dutch / English speaking Nanny. FC has been working as a Rota Nanny for a HNW Family based in Brighton caring for a 16 month old…
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Highly Qualified Maternity Nurse/Rota Nanny

Candidate of the week! BG is a qualified Maternity Nurse/Rota Nanny. BG has 24 years of experience working within Private households as a Nanny, Midwife, Maternity Nurse and Night Nanny.…
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Bambino and Butler