Bambino and Butler have teamed up with InvestIN to source wonderful candidates for their fun and exciting summer camp ! They are looking for around 30 – 35 candidates to cover 3 different roles over different working patterns/shifts. This is an excellent opportunity for Teachers, students or anyone that has a gap in the summer and would like to gain fantastic experience. They also cover and pay for relevant training and provide a First Aid course. The three roles are listed below.


  • Safeguarding Officer (SO): This role will cover all 3 shift patterns and work as the entry-level safeguarding team.
  • Senior Safeguarding Officer (SSO): This role will be a mixture. The SSO can cover all shifts and can act as a deputy to the SGT Lead in their absence.  Mainly the SSO role will work the day shift of 09:00 am – 6:00 pm. The SSO will also be expected to cover night shifts across all 3 venues during the season and when working nights will lead the team.
  • Residential House Parent (HP): This role will work exclusive night shifts (unless able/required to cover the SSO during the day in emergencies). The HP is similar in experience to the SSO but will need to have direct experience in residential boarding, be able to manage and maintain excellent boundaries, lead the night shift SGT and have a clear focus on behaviour management and safeguarding. The HP will act as the night Point of Contact (POC) in the event of emergencies and will run the on-site night team.


Please see an outline of the expected requirements for each role (as part of a wider PowerPoint).



Please see a snippet of the required hours for each shift.



Please see a very basic outline of the expected duties of each shift.



Please see an outline/breakdown of the contracted salaries for each role. Please note, more shifts may be worked by each role therefore these are just guidelines. The salaries are contracted salaries. All roles excluding the HP will be paid a night enhancement payment on Sept 28th 2023 backdated for all completed night shifts. The HP will not receive the enhancement, as this role will be employed to ONLY work nights and therefore is receiving a slightly higher contracted salary. All candidates who are external to InvestIN will be paid fortnightly.



Please see the training offer. All training will be mandatory and funded by InvestIN.



Please see the JD links for the 3 roles (the SSO and HP roles are in the same JD as they echo one another.


SO Role:


SSO/HP Role:


To apply for this job email your details to