Children, Christmas and Covid!

Children, Covid and Christmas!

Christmas is a great time of the year for families to enjoy especially with younger children. The excitement that they bring to the festive preparations is infectious. This year however may be a very different Christmas.

With the current Lockdown, rumours of an extension or possible January repeat, how should we make the most out of this year?

On a positive note, we have plenty of time to present wrap and decorate the tree. On a negative, no panto or meeting Father Christmas.

Here at Bambino and Butler (www.bambinoandbutler), we have compiled a few suggestions that you may want to try with your charges/ children.

  1. Lets talk Christmas movies! We all have our favourites and the one that reminds you of your childhood. How do we know what the children of 2020 will enjoy and cherish? I am planning on watching a good old classic with my family and then letting my son choose one. The benefit of lockdown is for once we may actually finish a film! Don’t forget the snacks! Country living have compiled a list that may help you to decide.
  2. Matching Pyjamas! I have never really been into “matchy matchy”, however this year there will be a lot more time spent at home. I have found myself in my pyjamas by 3pm on regular occasions. Why bother adding more clothes to the washing pile! This year I have managed to order matching onesies for the “human family” but also for the pets! We may have already spent a few evenings in these! I purchased some from Amazon however there seems to be a lot of options online.
  3. We all love a bedtime story and this is a fab Christmas version. Reindeer in here! Perfect for parents who aren’t fans of Elf on the Shelf, Reindeer in Here is a Christmas tradition that children will love. The cuddly reindeer is Santa’s little spy, who comes from the North Pole to get to know children better, and report back to the big guy. Children are encouraged to name and play with him, so parents don’t need to get involved – one less thing to worry about during the festive season…
    It celebrates children being different and individuality. Order soon as it does come from the US. Available on Amazon.
  4. A reverse Advent Calendar. As many families are struggling this year, a reverse advent calendar is a great way of helping those who need some joy and clearing out before all of the new gifts/ toys arrive. Each day, you add something to the calendar rather than receive a gift. You can add an item of clothing, something for your local food bank or toys that are no longer played with.
  5. Personalised wrapping paper or Christmas cards. My son came come with a very cute Christmas drawing / Painting last week. This came with a QR code that enabled me to order wrapping paper and Christmas cards, covered in his creation. His Grandparents will love and cherish this ?
  6. Make a Bauble for the tree. My family and I buy a Bauble each every year that has a meaning. For example we bought one in Murano, Italy at the Glass Factory on a recent trip, my 3 year old son chose a car Bauble in a large department store and my partner had a personalised one engraved in Rome where we became engaged. Kids love being creative and it can make the tree extra special with their little touch! Photo Baubles are also a great gift.

I hope the above has inspired you or will at least fill a few hours entertaining the troops.

Bambino and Butler will be open up until the 24th December so please do get in touch with any Childcare or Household needs.


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