Potty Training! A few useful purchases to assist :)

Lets talk Potty Training!

When is the right time?

Who knows! On my sons second Birthday, whilst out for a Pizza he decided to inform me that he needed a poop. Wow I thought, he must be ready and lots of his friends had begun the process. After a week of constantly washing dirty trousers and wee off the wall, I decided perhaps not.  Maybe this was my fault as I didn’t adhere to the advice of staying at home for two weeks! Anyway, Lockdown happened and I decided now was my chance. He was approaching 3 and I couldn’t leave the house anyway. Day one went swimmingly, not a single accident. After day three I decided that he could join my dog walk and so could the potty. Again this worked a treat. I set a timer for every 30 minutes and asked him to sit on the potty for one minute each time with various rewards and limited liquids if I knew we were leaving the house. A few months later we have almost cracked it entirely, number two’s are another battle entirely! I am far from an expert so I have decided to list a few top products from registered Nannies and mum friends! At Bambino and Butler we have specialised Nannies that can come into your home and assist with any requirements on a short term basis including Potty Training, sleep training or help with disruptive behaviour. (www.bambinoandbutler.com)

Here are our first 5 recommendations. Stay tuned for more. Please also feel free to email or message with any invaluable tips/ lessons.

Enjoy ?

  1. Firstly the fold up toilet seat! You no longer have to carry a potty to friends houses or restaurants. My son wont sit on a loo seat as he is scared he will fall down. Genius!


2. A great book that I read to prepare myself was “Oh Crap”. It managed to maintain a good sense of humour throughout and made me feel ready to tackle the challenge. If you read a book about a topic, you feel more prepared.


  1. Sticker charts seem to do the trick whenever there is positive reinforcement required. This one comes with two charts, cards and a crown! This one is Dinosaur themed however there are many options.


  1. A book you can read with your child may help them prepare for what Is to come. One that comes highly recommended is Pirate Pete/Polly.


  1. Potty Training Pants. If there is an accident, it is far better that it is contained. The last thing you need is a whole outfit change or a wet car seat! These are great and come in blue or pink. You will have to carry a few pairs around but the trousers they are wearing will remain safe!



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