Topics to consider when taking a Nanny on Holiday

Taking a Nanny on Holiday and what to expect!

As life begins to resume, holidays are becoming possible. As we all know, a holiday can be a little bit more relaxing with an extra pair of hands. Many families will choose to take their nanny along with them or employ a temporary holiday nanny. To make this as stress free as possible, it is better to create a detailed plan and contract for that Nanny in advance. This will save any confusion or disagreement whilst away.

Topics to consider:

Employing a Holiday Nanny: Bambino and Butler specialise in Temporary Childcare which is ideal for holidays.  A holiday nanny normally offers a ‘live-in’ service working 6 days out of 7 and can cover 12 – 24 hours. If the employer doesn’t need full time childcare during the day, then it may be worth looking into the hotel’s childminding services and, or kids clubs on offer – which is also a great opportunity for children to make friends. This tends to be a great option for older children.

The type of Nanny you will require? Think about where you are going, the activities that will taking place and the age of your children. For example a yachting holiday! Make sure the Nanny is an extremely confident swimmer and happy to be in the water with the children. A ski holiday! Can the Nanny ski? If that would be an additional bonus, tell the Agency. Will you be in self catering accommodation? If so, make sure that the nanny is capable and happy to prepare meals for the children when on duty.

Key things to discuss with a Nanny before the trip:

The main things that need to be discussed beforehand include accommodation and room arrangements, the rate of pay, hours of work and days off. The employer will also need to clarify details such as whether the nanny will be accompanying the family on excursions, if they’ll be eating with the family every night, perhaps the employer will want the nanny to do chores in their villa such as doing the laundry or washing up, and when they’ll be needed to babysit some evenings. Once the nanny knows what the employer wants it means they can blend in with the family’s movements without any awkwardness or uncertainty.

Will a Nanny use their own holiday allowance whilst away? NO. As this is work and paid employment, it will not be deducted from their annual leave.

Expenses? All travel expenses should be covered by the family. This would include flights and transfers at both ends. All meals and accommodation should be paid for and a spending purse to use when out with the children.

Will the Nanny need travel Insurance? Yes, the employer will need to arrange the nanny’s travel insurance. NANNYTAX offer great insurance for employers.

Communication is the key to a great holiday! Remember a Nanny needs a rest too?

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