A Family Day out in SW London! Our Top 10 Suggestions.

A Family Day out in SW London!

Bambino and Butler have worked in partnership with Andisheh who is a family photographer based in Twickenham. She originally trained as a neuroscientist but after working for a few years she took a career break to train as a photographer.
When her daughter was born in 2014, she decided to return to photography to allow her to pursue her two passions – photography and raising her daughter. Feel free to check out her website by clicking on the icon below.


Please see her recommendations below!!

In my efforts to make sure we have a great summer, I looked into all the places we could visit near my home in Twickenham. Of course, we will still go to all the usual places we normally do (mainly National Trust and English Heritage locations!) but it’s nice thinking of new places too.

While I was searching for places to visit, I turned to a lot of my friends for ideas and I couldn’t believe how many places I’ve never been to – or even heard of!

I wanted to share this list with as many people as possible, particularly if you live in South West London.

This particular zoo is small but looks really sweet. I think it would be great for small children in particularly. They have a variety of animals and I love that they have porcupines and meerkats. You’ll need to pre-book.

Here’s their website:


Youtube link: https://youtu.be/VV_H28Z3898
If you’ve driven near Wembley, you may have seen this from the road. I originally thought it was some sort of ancient hill from pre-historic times or something. It’s actually the complete opposite! It was made using the waste material when the old Wembley stadium was demolished and the new one built. What you may not be able to see from the road is the other parts of this development – a model boating lake and a children’s area. It’s worth checking out the council website about it if you’re not sure it’s open on the day you want to go.

Here’s their website:



Video link: https://youtu.be/DPYPfHbeO1c
Painshill is also a bit of a surprised. This 18th century landscaped garden is larger than I expected. Apparently the creator wanted to make it look like a Renaissance painting. When you go there you can really see how that was the case.

They don’t have a play area but it’s a lovely place for a walk. Pre-booking is needed

Here’s their website:




This private pool is just around the corner from me and we have been going almost once or twice a week. With the hot weather, I am so lucky I found out about it. There’s also a tennis court attached to it where you can get some professional coaching. Because the current guidelines allow for another family to come with you, it is a nice way to have a play date while having fun. The pool isn’t too deep and my 6 year old can reach the bottom if she is on her tip toes.

You’ll need to pre-book (obviously) via text and Marta can give you details for how to pay. Contact Marta 07934085972

Tomorrow we will look at our next 4 recommendations!

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