Norland Trained Maternity Nurse/Rota Nanny is seeking a new Rota role

Emma is a Norland trained highly experienced Maternity Nurse and Nanny who is looking for a new Rota Nanny position. Emma has worked with children of all ages and is available ASAP. Emma is a driver, pet friendly and happy to travel with families.

Emma describes herself as :

I am a great believer in holistic and play based learning and feel
it’s important during a child’s early years that they are given
ample time and freedom to play and explore both in and
outdoors every day with both self-directed and adult led play. I
foster a love of books, arts and crafts, imaginative play, and
puzzles to encourage their enjoyment of learning.

When caring for babies, I feel it’s important to encourage them
to be involved in what we do together, inviting them to become
an active participant in their routine. I nurture the needs of each
baby, allowing them to unfold at their own natural pace. This is
part of my gentle philosophy. By monitoring and listening to a
baby’s feeding, sleeping and comfort indicators, I help guide
them into a rhythm that centres on their individual needs thus
helping them to feel secure and content.

By nature, I am a warm and patient person which babies and
young children respond well to. I have high standards of care and
a sensitive understanding of children and babies in my charge. I
have shown myself to be trustworthy and discreet in all positions

Available now for Temporary bookings and permanent Rota positions.

Please contact Francesca on 0207 459 4131 or email to discuss ED (Please quote ED) or any other candidate requirements.

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